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"100 Years of One-Designs"

Pete Kogut  | Published on 9/15/2017
The other day, I received my August issue of “Sail” magazine. I normally set “Sail” aside because I am not particularly interested in the horrors of sail cruising. But this time, I started paging through it and on page 31, I stumbled across an article by Adam Cort dealing with one design sailboats. Then I got to page 34. And there it was! Titled “The Indomitable ENSIGN!”. The picture is from the 2011 Nationals (our 50th) at Canandaigua, New York. In the foreground is Jonathan Baker’s #324 (J.L. Seagull), from Austin, TX, winning the Nationals. In the background is #1669, Wayne Bush (Shadow Light), from Barnegat Bay, New Jersey who was the 1984 National Champion. The author’s remarks on the Ensign are found near the top of the second column on page 35.
It is interesting how suddenly, in two consecutive months, the Ensign has been featured in two leading sailing magazines.
Submitted by: Joel VerPlank #583 “Green Dolphin”
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