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Storing new sails on the boat, specifically for ra...
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No, I don’t remove the main every time I sail. But I do roll it every time. I’m ok with leaving the rolled main on the boom as long as it’s beneath a cover. Otherwise, the rolled main comes off the boom and gets put in its bag.

I start the roll on the main at the top draft stripe or top batten, with the goal of keeping the battens parallel to the roll. Then, I use two sail ties to secure the main to the boom.

Headsails are always rolled as well. First and second string racing sails live in their bags inside my home, while cruising headsails are rolled and stored in the cabin. Bags prevent stains and unnecessary wear and tear. Rolled #1 and #2 Genoas are too long and extend out of the cabin and onto the cockpit floorboards unless they’re folded in half ( not the vest thing for them).

Hopefully, you have an over-the-boom cover that protects the cockpit and any sails that extend into it.

The best storage solution for a roller furled headsail is an ATN sock. It zips around the RF headsail while being raised by the spinnaker halyard, then two, zig-zagged, external laces are drawn tight to prevent excess cloth from fluttering. The ATN protects the headsail from wind and sun, so the heavy, UV cloth that protects the sail when it’s furled can be left off the leech.

Warm regards,

Bud Brown

So you take your sails off the boat every time you sail? I'm on a mooring and row out so that wouldn't be a simple task. If you had to make them fit on the boat, what would you do? Thanks for your time.



All my sails are stored rolled, never any other way. Also, I do not store them on the boat, but in their bags. During winter, they come inside.

Some people roll their sails around a 4" section of french drain pipe for winter storage.

I sometimes leave the mainsail on the boom (rolled, of course), as long as it lives underneath the boat cover.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Bud Brown
ECA Commodore

For the serious racers out there, how do you store your crispy new #1 or #2 Genoas on the boat, especially if you may change them between races? Neither fits anywhere just rolled up, so do you flake and roll, or fold and roll, or brick them? Seems a shame to put all those folds in right off the bat. I do use a soft shackle for the sheets now which makes a quick change a lot easier.

EJ Holcomb

Fleet 72, Saratoga Lake, NY

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